Point to Point Challenge

Bank Holiday Monday 27th May

A team based fun cycling event for a bit of fun to see if they can work out the clues and navigate to each destination by the quickest or shortest route!

Teams will be given their start pub location in he morning on the day. Clues to the following pub destination will be issued.

Teams will have to navigate to each of the 5 pub locations however they like in turn using the clues given, before each team navigating to the final 6th pub.

Maybe finish off with a couple of drinks and dinner with everybody at the end.

Final pub location is within easy reach of Ipswich, so cycling home wont be an issue.

If enough teams enter we will have teams traveling clockwise and anti clockwise around to the destinations

All team members must arrive at each designation together

Clues will be sent to each team via messenger, text or similar.

Proof of all team members being at each location must be given prior to receiving next clue.

All team members must be current members of IBC

All team members must wear club Jersey (if they have one)

Maximum of 10 team places will be available

What do you win!…… The knowledge that you are this years point to point champions

Please get your teams together, appoint a team leader and get in contact with me to book a place timcanham75@gmail.com