Club Clothing

All members of Ipswich Bicycle Club are encouraged to wear club kit when riding as a group. It is also mandatory to wear club kit in some competitions that are run under British Cycling rules. Below you will find a selection of clothing that we offer which has been professionally designed to enhance your cycling experience all year round in all conditions.

Our club clothing supplier is Endura who make our kit under their bespoke kit banner. It’s all made in Scotland but subject to minimum order quantities. Therefore we will open club clothing order windows on a regular basis so that people can place their orders all at the same time. Delivery is free if you choose the option of having your order sent to our club kit co-ordinator (Kevin Stark) or you can pay extra to have it delivered to your home. If you need any advise on sizing and style, please speak to Kevin. He has various sizes you can try on to make sure you get the right fit and will explain any different options if available.

To access the club shop please click on this link here. It will only be active when we have an open window for ordering with Endura. The shop is currently open for orders and will remain open until 19th June 2024.

Artist renderings of what some of the kit will look like as worn

When ordering men’s bib shorts there is a choice of pad width between narrow, medium and wide. What you need to order is determined by your saddle width in Cm’s. Use this guide to work out which is best for you.