The club is run by a committee of volunteers, elected by our members each year at the AGM.

Previous committee meeting minutes can be found here.

You can find details of the committee positions and current members below.

2019/20 Committee

Honorary Positions

Club President                                  Tim Butler
Vice President                                      Keith Hill
                                                                Joyce Nevill
                                                                Mick Hearn

Managed Positions

Chairman                                             Will Taylor
Vice Chairman                                   Steve Grimwood
Treasurer                                             Paul Rippon
Accounts Examiner                          Vacant
Club Secretary                                   Mark Salter
Membership Secretary                   Anne Betts and Charles Mildred
Welfare Officer – Female               Anne Betts
Welfare Officer – Male                    Barney Taylor
Social and Trophy Committee        Sarah Bowles, Tracey Mckenzie, Josephine Rosier, Nicky Humphries, Karen Weston and Anne Betts.
Media Secretary                                Laura Davies
Coaching Secretary                         Vacant
Clothing Coordinators                    Saddledrunk

General Positions

Road Race and Track                       Charles Mildred
Time Trial Secretary                       Jon Carlyon
Mountain Bike Secretary               Vacant
Cyclo Cross Secretary                     Steve Grimwood
Social Rides Secretary                    Scott Amass & Joe Spaulding
Youth Representative                     Will Carlyon
Ladies Representative                   Leanne Nixon
Male Representative                      Simon Davey     

Procedural Clarification not covered formally in the club rules:–

Honary positions are appointed by the Committee not ‘Elected’ on the night. Proposals can be made to the committee in advance to change or add persons to these positions but would first require the approval of the committee.

Some roles require particular Skills and there is a duty for the committee to ensure applicants hold the capability to perform any such duties. It would be normal to ask that nominations for these positions be made in advance so details of applicants can be inspected & distributed prior to the meeting.

General roles may receive nominations from the floor. Subject to the nominee being present, willingly volunteering, and receiving a Proposer and Seconder.

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