Saturday Social Rides

Saturday Morning Social Rides

We meet at Venue 16 Car Park at 8:45 for a 9am roll out. Please arrive early so you can select the group you want to ride with and have the chance to register your chosen group with the ride leaders. All our social rides are between 30 and 60 miles in length and we expect to return back to Ipswich no later than 1pm. This can be slighter later on longer rides during the summer depending on our Café destination.

All club members are expected to wear club clothing and bring along your membership card completed with emergency contact details. We aim to return to Ipswich by 1pm if possible. You must wear a suitable cycle helmet, otherwise you will not be able to ride with us.

Please choose your group according to your ability. Please see the below table for information on average speeds of our groups.

Ride                         When                   Average Speed                                      Who
Social – Green        Only 1st Sat            12/14 mph                               New and non- member guests
Social – Blue           Saturday                 14/16 mph                               Entry level group riding
Social – Red           Saturday                 16/18 mph                               Faster more experienced group riders
Social – Black         Saturday                 18/20 mph                               Experienced riders looking to progress through to chain gang

If you’re unsure, please err on the side of caution and go with the slower group as you can always swap groups at the cafe stop.

Guest Riders

We are happy to receive guest riders, however after 6 attendances the club insurance cover will mean you are requested to join the club.
Youths under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and all under 18’s require a parental consent form to be completed.

Note: You must bring a road bike in good mechanical order. Mountain bikes are discouraged as they are generally heavy and you will find it hard to keep pace with people on road bikes. Single gear road bikes are allowed but fixed gear bikes (Fixies) are not allowed to be used. No TT bars or TT specific bikes permitted as this is a social ride and not a race.