IBC Hill Climb and Freewheel Competitions

The Hill Climbing season is upon us again, so, as last year, we are heading back to Semer and Watson’s Hill for the 2018 event, followed by the Half Wheel competition just round the corner.
On Saturday October 6th the SSR (Saturday Social Rides) will head over to Semer, so that those who want to have a go can and others can offer their support.
We really hope that you do decide to give it a go as you’re going to have to ride up the hill anyway. .
Saturday social ride leads will be taking mixed groups directly there from Northgate, leaving just before 9am.
Registering will be done on the day at the bottom of the hill between 9:45 and 10am. We are hoping to get the first Rider off before 10:15.
We really would like people to give support to those as they reach the summit but also don’t want people standing around for too long getting cold. Therefore we are suggesting that when you want to, you can carry on and regroup at Corncraft cafe for cake and coffee before we make our way back to Ipswich, doing the half wheel challenge on the way back.
The half Wheel challenge is always a fun chance of a trophy and everyone is in with a chance.
Please note the Sudbury Open is the following weekend (Sunday 13th) so it’s a great chance to test those legs.