Ipswich Bicycle Club AGM

This years AGM takes place on Monday 2 November, 7pm at Greshams Sports and Social Club with an agenda due to be sent out after the next Committee Meeting, which takes place on the Monday 16 October.

We are actively looking for Volunteers for some important Club Positions and would welcome proposals for any changes to Club Rules or procedures. We must have these in advance so we can collate and consider them properly. Please note that we cannot accept proposals on the night as under Club Rules we must produce an Agenda which notifies members of the items to be discussed.
If you have anything you wish to suggest please come forward now and don’t leave it to the night.

You can view a list of the current Committee Members and their roles on the Club Website under the tab “Committee”

At this AGM due to some vacancies we are now actively looking for volunteers to step forward for the important roles of :-

Management positions. These need to be supported by the committee and therefore expressions of interest and a cv will be required by Sunday 11 October. You may put forward your interest for any of the management roles, though be aware that, so far, the following posts are going to be vacant and are less likely to be contested:

Vice Chair

General positions: These posts are voted in on the night of the AGM, however, the committee would welcome prior knowledge of expressions of interest so that posts being competed for can be well managed on the night, so please let us know by Sun 11 Oct, too, if possible. Please note that, so far, the following posts are currently vacant, are therefore less likely to be contested, and the committee is particularly to hear from anyone wanting to know more about these posts:

Time Trials Secretary

Road Race Secretary

Please email us directly if you feel that you would be the right person for the job or if you would like further information. Please do not ‘Nominate’ other Members though as we need to know that the person is willing to do the job. If you feel that someone would be the ideal candidate please encourage them to email us directly. The best central address to use would be to email secretary@ipswichbicycleclub.co.uk
Kind Regards,
Steve Grimwood

Chairman Ipswich Bicycle Club

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