Saturday Social Rides

Saturday Morning Social Rides

These are an ideal starting point, the ride is split into a minimum of 3 groups dependent on pace. All groups head to the same cafe stop around half way, where we’ll eat, drink and talk about bikes. Occasionally two destinations will be chosen for the same day, one a longer distance and the other a shorter distance but the cafe on the same route. The rides generally average out at between 30 and 60 miles in distance.
We meet at Northgate Sports Centre (Sidegate Lane) car park at 8:45 for a 9am roll out. Please arrive early so you can select the group you want to ride with and have the chance to register your chosen group with the ride leaders. When a longer ride is chosen we will depart earlier at 8:30 and this will be communicated in advance by social media.

All club members are expected to wear club clothing and bring along your membership card completed with emergency contact details. We aim to return to Northgate by 1pm if possible. All riders must wear a suitable cycle helmet.
The expected pace of each group will be called out prior to the ride, these are Blue 14-16mph, Red 16-18mph and Black 18-20mph. Please choose according to your ability, if you’re unsure, err on the side of caution and go with the slower group, you can always swap groups at the cafe stop.
Ride                         When                   Average Speed                                      Who
Social – Green        Only 1st Sat            12/14 mph                               New and non- member guests
Social – Blue           Saturday                 14/16 mph                               Entry level group riding
Social – Red           Saturday                 16/18 mph                               Faster more experienced group riders
Social – Black         Saturday                 18/20 mph                               Experienced riders looking to progress through to chain gang

You’ll benefit from the aerodynamics of riding in a group and find it easier to ride at a higher pace than normal. That said, if you pick a group that’s too fast, you won’t be left behind, the group will adjust to the pace of the slowest rider. Equally, if you pick a group that’s too slow, live with it, don’t try riding off the front trying to push the pace – these are social rides, not hard training rides.
We are happy to receive guest riders, however after 6 attendances the club insurance cover will mean you are requested to join the club. Guest membership can always be bought on the day for £1.
Youths under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and all under 18’s require a parental consent form to be completed.
Note: You must bring a road bike in good mechanical order. Mountain bikes are discouraged as they are generally heavy and you will find it hard to keep pace with people on road bikes. Single gear road bikes are allowed but fixed gear bikes (like a track bike where you cannot coast without pedalling) are not allowed to be used. No TT bars or TT specific bikes this is just a social ride.

You need to come self-sufficient – have a pump or CO2 gas canister, 2 spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a puncture repair kit (and know how to use it!), money for cakes/coffee etc. and a mobile phone. Always bring at least 1 bottle of drink, preferably 2 in hot weather, and an energy gel in case you need a boost on the way home. Don’t forget to eat a good breakfast before you leave home. Don’t bring a back pack. The repair kit can be kept in a good quality under saddle bag and all other items in the 3 rear pockets available on all cycle jerseys.

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